Social Media – Where Do I Start & What’s Important

Most of you know that you need to be involved in Social Media to help build relationships, generate leads and increase business.  It’s also a much less expensive way to do it than many other traditional methods.  As business owners we are all trying to find ways to be more efficient yet build business.  We also know that we must talk to a lot more people to even get close to the same amount of business of previous years.  Social media can be a great tool to get you there, but there are so many options.   Those options also have a learning curve that takes time that you don’t have.  Over the last few months I’ve spent a lot of time speaking with business owners.  The main concern they have is where to start and how much time and resources to invest in it.  In the coming posts I’ll discuss my top 5 that I think are currently the most important to your business.  I will post these in order of importance.  So lets start with number 1.


I believe blogging is one of the most important tools you can start utilizing in your business.  It’s easy and can garner results quick.  You’ll build a relationship with an audience, meet new prospective clients, and you can be seen as an expert in your industry.  Blogs are also much easier to achieve higher positions in search results. When I help a company implement a blogging strategy the main responses I get  from people are; What am I going to write about?, How long does it have to be?, and How often do I have to do it?  First, figure out who you want to target.  Then write about a topic that your interested in and relates to your audience.  If your not interested in it then your audience won’t be either.  Find a hot topic or niche that you can be a valued leader.  Keep a notepad or recorder in your car and make notes of ideas when they come to you and save them.  The worst thing is if you wait until the day to write your blog and struggle or spend too much time trying to search the web for ideas.  All the blogging platforms allow you to write drafts and save them for future posts.  If your in the mood to keep writing, then keep writing.  How long? Don’t think you have to write a novel.  Some of the best blogs are short, concise and link out to more detailed content on other blogs or websites.  One to three paragraphs is fine as long as they lend value to the reader.  Also, use bullets and lists, pictures and videos when possible.  The easier to read and get the point the better.  Pictures and videos will also place you on other types of search engines.  How often? There are many thoughts on this, but based on the business owners I’ve spoken with and understanding what is realistic, I suggest to start blogging once a week and then move up to twice a week once you get the hang of it.  The more the better as long as it’s good content.  But the key I want to stress is consistency.  Better to do it once per week and be consistent.  And last, you don’t have to be a great writer.  Your personality and writing style can actually help make you more relatable to your audience.  So start writing, tell everyone about your blog, list it on your site and all your profiles, make new friends and contacts and build your business.

Great Resources to get started in blogging.

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Stay tuned for my next post on the #2 most needed Social Media tool to build your business in 2010.


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